Palestinian economy

Dear Reader,

This blog discusses the economy in Palestine and what the bad effects and good effects of the most recent conflict, which is called ENTFA AL-AQUSA, are. In 1999, the conflict was started by SHARON (Israeli prime minister) when he entered the holy Moslem Al-Qusai. So Israel started by destroying all the Palestinian government, and the standard of living became lower and lower until the end of 2002. Life stopped. In this period, Israel closed the roads between cities and villages. The people couldn't commute. So there was no business, and people had to spend the money they had previously saved. And the factory output during those years declined about 30% compared to the period before 1999. And there was no import and export. So the businessmen imported sub-standard products from China, and people needed the cheapest product becausethere was no money. The Palestinian products were of high quality, like in Israel, which is why the imported products were very cheap. No security meant that people were stealing from shops and houses. And Israeli soldiers stole money from some Jordanian banks which opened in Palestine. The Palestinian government didn't help the people in this adversity. And as for all the money donated from other countries - no one knows where it is! That gives the people low morale.We hope that the new Palestinian government will help the factories by requiring high standards for products.